To be the only ecommerce partner you will ever need.

Who are we?

Our background is diverse as it should be. We are veterans of the mobile and internet industries. We built the first Polish hit applications. We work in an innovative structure. You can’t expect great results from a single-minded team. For many years we have been offering our partners the best rates, the highest quality of service and implemented projects.

Patryk Bukowiecki Co-Founder

A dedicated, highly experienced IT/eCommerce development manager specializing in leading teams of all sorts and sizes. Over 15 years of gathering expertise, knowledge and competences among the biggest and best companies in the industry. Ex-Allegro Head of Mobile, crazy about the latest tech.

Tomasz Bukowiecki Co-Founder

Always on top of things, Tomasz is running the day to day tasks of managing the teams across the whole company. From complex IT challenges to Customer Service agents and fulfillment topics his deep understanding of the eCommerce process helps us to optimize and deliver highest value.

Adrian Kaminski CTO

A true man of renaissance, an artist, a coder, a photographer, a sailor. With his passion being the cutting edge technology he leads our IT efforts toward more secure, optimized, and effective solu-tions. Ask him anything about Shopify platform or the latest web development solution, anytime!

Lucas Piskorski Lead Analyst

Experienced data analyst and pricing/revenue manager with a demonstrated history of working in the ecommerce industry. Skilled in e-commerce monetization models, pricing analysis, business development, statistical modeling and reporting. +12 years at Allegro – the biggest eCommerce company in CEE.

How can we help you?

We are eager to take care for your ecommerce business and bring it to the next level. We will build the store you need or upgrade the existing one so it reaches its full potential. We are there for you and for your brand. We are The Everything eCommerce Boutique.


Customer Service Center? No problem, we can even handle the „graveyard shift" and weekends.


Ecommerce: B2B Platforms, Offline to Online, Integration with shopping platforms, licenses, Customer Service.


SEO optimal approach with the world's best tools and data scientists.


Consulting: the existing business operations audit, Pricing, discount strategies, mailing, text, sign-up pages, competitors analysis, preparing an action plan with priorities, automation.


We create world-class content - videos, photos, clips, pack shots - lifestyle + product, swipe-ups - you name it.


Mobile: developing apps, games, monetization strategies.


UX + art design such as sketches, banners, decks, logos etc.


Web: web app, websites, backend solutions, cloud, frontend, CMS, shops, blogs, cryptocurrencies.

Case study


If you code, draw, design, record, model, or just come up with cool stuff reach out to us. We are open to discuss your role as a part of our Team. We are always open for new opportunities to share experience with each other, currently we’re mostly looking for:

iOS/Android Developer Remote

Self-discipline and ability to work in a remote team. Strong Background in the Mobile Application development. Proficiency with the languages, tools, and frameworks core to Android/iOS development. Experience in cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin, Flutter or React Native will be a plus. Possession of a technical knowledge of client-side UI/UX development across multiple platforms and form factors (Web, Phone, Tablet, TV, etc.)

Frontend Developer Remote

Self-discipline and ability to work in a remote team. Strong background in the Frontend development. Programming experience with HTML5, CSS, TypeScript, JavaScript. Programming experience with C#, .Net, .Net Core, SQL. Familiarity with desktop application design and cross-platform solutions for web/desktop. Familiarity with web design areas (Interaction design, User Interface design, and User Experience design).

Backend Developer Remote

Self-discipline and ability to work in a remote team. Demonstrable experience backend technologies. Experience in programming languages: PHP, Java, Java Script, NodeJS, HTML 5, CSS 3. Demonstrable knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes or AWS. Experience in Symfony, Laravel, Zend Framework or Spring Framework. Experience in MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ or AWS SQS.

Why Bukapps?

Only experts with a long trackable experience with multiple projects launched. Innovative company with a spread structure where efficiency and professionalism meets friendship. Different environment in which we have worked have a positive influence on our point of view and taking care with issues.


We gained ears experience in various companies with which we have had the pleasure to cooperate so far. Students do not work on projects for our clients.


We have many years of experience in creating the best software for mobile and web solutions. Satisfied customers around the globe.


Innovative structure of the company and years of experience by software development processes allows us to provide the most attractive stakes on the market.


Partially dispersed structure and successful implementation of hundreds of projects allows us to be flexible and easily scale to customer needs.


Reach out to us and let’s talk business!

We are reachable via phone call:

Patryk: +48 606 206 913
Tomek: +48 606 898 287

You can email us on: